Little Flower Group of School

Admission Open Nursery to IX & XI 2024-25


Affiliated To CBSE(10+2),New Delhi

Code of Conduct

School Code of Conduct

General Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

  • Fees will be paid for twelve months. Child’s name will be struck off if fees will not be paid consecutively for 3 months. Rs. 100/- will be charged for the re-admission.
  • All fees must be paid by the last working day of the month, after that Rs.100/-would be charged as late fee.
  • No student will be allowed to appear for examination unless all dues are paid
  • A receipt signed and dated must be obtained from the office for cash payment, this receipt must be preserved and produced in case of any dispute regarding payment.
  • No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues are paid.
  • The child’s name will be struck off if a child remains absent consecutively for fifteen days without written application for leave. A nominal fee Rs. 100/- will be charged for the re-admission of the same.

What is Expected from Our Students?

Academic Excellence:

Prepare for academic excellence through active participation, timely completion of assignments or any study-related tasks, and a strong commitment to learning.

Respect and Inclusivity:

Give respect for diversity, fostering inclusivity and a welcoming environment for all students, teachers, and staff.

Responsibility and Accountability:

Take responsibility for actions, meet deadlines, attend classes regularly, and contribute positively to the school community.

Positive Behavior and Conduct:

Maintain high standards of behavior both inside and outside the school, and offer a positive and safe atmosphere.

Active Participation in School Activities:

Engage actively in clubs, sports, and events to contribute to personal growth and build a strong sense of community.

Effective Communication Skills:

Develop effective verbal and written communication skills to boost open expression, seek clarification, and collaborate nicely with peers and educators.